Further Reports from New York City…..

The Macy’s Annual Spring Flower Show was a wonderful surprise for Pam and I when we were in New York City.  Not only were all the display windows on one side of mid-town Macy’s filled with amazing floral displays, a huge chunk of real estate at Herald Square was given over to a giant tent.  We were fortunate to go at night, and had the gardens inside almost to ourselves…

HowdahThis is the sight that greeted us at the entry…  a giant elephant with a flower Howdah.  No tiger hunters for Macy’s, the basket was filled with boughs of spring blooming shrubs and other flowers.

Ganesh Dream 2Just to the left of the entry was this 5 foot long statue of a recumbent Ganesha, surrounded by flowers and floating in a pool.  Sweet!

Hydrangeas and CinerariaThe flowers were fabulous!  I can imagine that every grower within 100 miles of the City had sent every bloomin’ thing that they had to make the display.  There were forced hydrangeas, cinerarias, Rieger begonias, bromeliads, tulips, hyacinths, caladiums, phalanopsis and cymbidium orchids of every imaginable color.  There were spring-flowering shrubs and trees, some of which were fragrant.  What a feast for the eyes!

Thru the ArchThe exhibit was huge!  I think that the tent that housed the Spring Flower Show must have been 200 feet long, and 60 feet wide.  The floor was about 4 feet above street level, and there were long cordons for people to wait to enter.  How lucky we were to go at night!  The design of the space – Indian Garden Glory, or whatever THEY called it…  was delightful.  There were many built features, like this archway, that divided the space and made it magical.

Flowers and FoliageHere, foliage and flowers combine for a wonderful, exotic effect.

Bromelia DaisyThis is almost all bromeliads, and dyed forsythia…  how they got the stems to be this vibrant red is beyond me, but it was just beautiful. This was one of about 10 window displays devoted to incredible floral excess.Hellebore

Here, hellebores and bromeliads combine to spectacular effect.

Beautiful Orange

In this orange grouping, there were ranunculus, kalanchoes, and gerberas – strange bedfellows in  a real-world garden but perfect together in this floral fantasy world.

Red Azaleas and Reigers


Rieger begonias, azaleas, gerbera, sprengerii, and who-knows what else combine for red lovers….

Spice MarketNear the end of the show, was a fantasy spice shop to complete the imaginary trip to India.  Delightful!

Buddha and grafted cactiThis might be my favorite image from the exhibition; a lovely Buddha surrounded by utterly insane grafted fasciated cacti. My kind of horticulturists put this together,….

Store Display

Here’s one of the in-store links to the exhibition…  orchids galore, beautiful.

When I was just an eastern Oregon girl of 17, away in Illinois for college, there was public money for displays like this. Lincoln Park in Chicago had magnificent exhibitions like this one…  special greenhouses built with risers; for plants, not singers;  and they were filled at different season with masses of blooming plants.  It was at one of these exhibitions that I realized that people were being paid to grow these plants – to create this beauty – and that I could make a life’s work of growing plants.




3 thoughts on “Further Reports from New York City…..

  1. Eva

    Absolutely stunning! It is no surprise that an exhibit like this can help shape your life’s trajectory. Thanks for sharing!

  2. teufelj

    Those cacti masquerading as Venus Flytraps are totally outrageous.
    What a splendid thing for you to do…. Not like you have a lot of spare time right now!!!


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