Pastel painting, the saga will continue….

I raised my hand last night when Marla asked, “who will continue with the next four classes?”  It was almost involuntary.  It’s painful to be the beginner in the class, therefore it must be good for me.  I’m even going to buy some additional soft pastels….  darks.   I also purchased a little sample of a new pastel-color-delivery model, pan pastels.  These may have been invented by or for those tidy souls who don’t like having their hands and clothing covered with gray dust.  You apply the pigment with tools borrowed from make-up application as far as I can see, sponges and sponge-tipped tools.  I bought a small set of 6 pans of different colors of blue – sky making stuff.  Swipe dash!

I had a really great picture to work from last night, from a freshly delivered 2012 calendar from the civil engineers who did some survey work for me this past year.  Nice landscape images….  I can’t be going to class without an image from which to work…  I really struggled last week with an overly-complex and badly colored image from the farm.  My printer was running out of yellow ink so the image was dim and grey.

I like what I painted last night, and to my delight my daughter Mad even wanted it.  I told her it was just opus 5, why not wait?  The paintings will surely get better.  Some of my classmates were discussing another artists; website – a blog, most likely, where an artist creates and posts a painting each day.  Were I to do a painting each day, bet I could make some serious progress.  It’s a fact that nobody can learn to make pottery one night a week…  same surely applies to pastel painting, I will need an easel…  more art materials!  Better sell some pots this weekend at my Christmas studio sale.

I soon lost the scale of the original photograph, mostly as I was working around the treeline dividing the top and bottom of the painting.  Gotta have those soft darks!  By the time I got the background colors laid on, I could hardly make a mark with my hard Rembrandt pastels. Guess that’s what they call artistic license..

Here it is…  on to the next.



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