How many landscapes?

I was all ready to paint on Thursday night.  I had my neat little box of new green pastels, and four nice photographs from the farm that I could use as a starting point for my next pastel painting.Image


I thought this one was really serene, nice color contrasts.  How could I  depict the texture of the lovely roadway paved with leaves?  Maybe I should expand the tiny glimpse of the field beyond?


But there were others…..  Lot of Marla’s pastel paintings have beautifully depicted water bodies – reflective and exquisitely colored.  This image of Dairy Creek, on my farm, was alluring too.Image

But as it turned out, I wouldn’t get to paint either one…..  I started to experience terrible vertigo and nausea, about the time Marla was starting her underpainting demonstration.  Bah!  Hours later, I learned that I had some sort of middle ear virus and was treated  for it.  Thanks to my kids for coming out to the farm and driving me to the ER in Hillsboro, not exactly how you want to get together….  

But…… No sniveling on the blog!  I feel fine today, just a little bit fuzzy from the meds, most likely. I’m ready for a small birthday feast with my family at our favorite Indian joint, and maybe a real party at my house between Christmas and New Years.  I built a fire in the studio wood stove first thing this morning, and it’s probably starting to get warm in there. There are some last pots to trim before my firing next weekend, and one last special order chip and dip set to throw.  Sigh!  

I have found myself wondering how many more landscape paintings the world needs.  When I make pottery, I never have such thoughts.  I always figure that if people don’t think what I make is beautiful, they may at least love to use it and find it to be correctly balanced, formed, and imagined for its’ purpose.

Landscape subject matter is accessible, simple.  Marla says we must paint only what captivates us.  Here’s the most captivating painting – more likely a print – that I have seen in the last decade. 


Yes, Picasso, born like me on November 10.  There are heaps and piles of his work that I can’t stand, but there is so much of it that I love better than anything else.  I believe that the images that will captivate me the most as my skills improve will include the human face and form, and always have the possibility for me of telling a story that a landscape cannot.  And they will probably be imaginary……


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